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Terms and Conditions

Carrohub L.L.C- FZ is a company incorporated in pursuant to the laws of Meydan Free Zone, United Arab Emirates. The company is licensed with activity code 4510 – Sales of Motor Vehicles. Our platform provides a quick and hassle-free way of shopping your favorite car and selling any car that you have – even trade-ins.

These terms and conditions (the Terms) govern, set out and regulate your use of and visit to the Digital Platform on which they are posted and updated periodically. For the purpose of these Terms and wherever the context so requires, the terms and words ‘user’, 'you' and ‘your’ shall mean and include natural or legal person(s) who has or have agreed to visit the Digital Platform, register itself on the Digital Platform, act as a buyer or a seller or uses the Digital Platform in any manner whatsoever including persons browsing the Digital Platform (whether personally or on behalf of someone) and its content, posting comments or any content or responding to any advertisements or content listed thereon. These terms apply to every visitor or user of the Digital Platform, and this includes without limitation car dealers, persons interested in buying or selling cars, agencies, fleet sellers, service providers, third party consultants, car repair shops, and other apps or users that may wish to integrate or connect with Carrohub (whether now or in future).

By visiting, navigating, browsing, entering registration details, entering, executing, using, paying, downloading, commenting, saving, uploading, accessing, or communicating in any form or using the Digital Platform you will automatically be considered a user which requires the full and complete acceptance of each and every provision and description included within these Terms, in the version published by at the time you access or use the Digital Platform. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not access or otherwise use the Digital Platform.

In line with our internal by-laws and for timely compliance with prevailing laws and regulations, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion and at any time, to make changes to these Terms and our Legal Policies concerning the use of Digital Platform. For the abovesaid reasons, you should carefully review these Terms and Legal Policies from time to time. Your visit, registration and continued use of the Digital Platform following changes to Terms and Legal Policies means that you agree, acknowledge and consent to the revisions to the Terms and Legal Policies. The Digital Platform may also display necessary guidelines from time to time and these guidelines are also subject to change at any time without prior notice. For ease of reference, these Terms and Legal Policies have and will continue to be maintained in English language. We also reserve the sole and exclusive right to introduce new services, new features, new auction models and update or withdraw any of the services, and we will not be liable to you in any manner whatsoever for exercising this discretion. The information in relation to treatment of your personal data is set out within the Privacy Policy page. For avoidance of doubt, any third party, their affiliates, or a service provider that may associate itself with the Digital Platform, such third parties, their affiliates or service provider will have their own privacy policies and this Digital Platform does not control their terms or policies.

Selling a Vehicle: Users are required to submit all the information in relation to the vehicle they intend to sell.


  1. We will present you an offer coming from us Carrohub L.L.C-FZ (hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”) to buy the car for a price after we carried out an on-site inspection at one of our branches or home-service inspection.
  2. Any offer to purchase the vehicle, and thus the contract, is only effective if and when you sign our standard written purchase contract after the inspection. The contract will be subject to these terms and conditions.
  3. Once you made a contract with us, we will expect you to hand us the keys, the registration documents, any service history, any user manuals, and any accessories there may be e.g. remote controls. We also expect you to remove your personal possessions from the car.
  4. We will then continue with the deregistration process of the vehicle, where we will need your cooperation as agreed in the purchase agreement.
  5. When you have handed over the car, we will pay you the price for the car via cash, cheque or bank transfer to your account after title transfer has happened.
    5.1. Our standard means of payment is by bank transfer, which usually takes 1-2 working days for domestic transfers. Mostly, the transfer is already done on the day of title transfer.
    5.2. Events beyond our control may delay payment. If that happens we will not have any liability to you for the delay.

Terms for Buying a Vehicle:

Users desiring to buy vehicles are required to pay a deposit to reserve the vehicle. Likewise, users will be required to pay a deposit if they wish to commence financing of vehicles through any local bank. Users will be required to sign a contract and any deposit paid is non-refundable. The following terms apply exclusively for bank applications.

  1. Reservation:
    1.1. The deposit paid is to start the bank application for the chosen vehicle.
    1.2. This vehicle is not reserved for the buyer and can be sold to any other party without the consent of the buyer.
    1.3. The buyer can request to reserve this vehicle at any time through sending an E-mail/whatsapp confirmation along with the reservation fee/deposit. Approval of the request is at the discretion of Carrohub L.L.C-FZ. However, the buyer cannot reverse this process and the deposit immediately becomes non refundable unless the reason is bank loan application rejection.
  2. Fees & Payments:
    2.1. The buyer can pay up to a maximum of AED 5,000 via cash, bank transfer or card. All remaining payments must be through cash, cheque or bank transfer.
    2.2. All cheque and bank transfers are subject to clearance.
    2.3. Buyer is liable and responsible for the settlement of all Bank Fees, Processing fees, Valuation charge, Vehicle Inspections, Registration, Salik, delivery and storage if delays occur during collection or delays in final settlement.
  3. Insurance:
    3.1. The buyer agrees to ensure the vehicle insurance value is exactly as per the value noted on the bank LPO if buying the car through bank finance.
    3.2. All insurance costs must be borne by the buyer.
  4. Export:
    Vat refund for exported vehicles shall only be valid if the vehicle is exported within 90 days of purchase. Valid documentation must be provided in addition the value on such documents must match the actual and exact value of sale. Otherwise, VAT shall be paid to tax authorities with no possibility of a VAT refund.
  5. Accessories:
    Carrohub L.L.C- FZ does not guarantee the availability of a spare key (or any other accessories) for the vehicle sold. If a spare is required, Carrohub L.L.C-FZ may assist in providing a quote.
  6. Vehicle Condition:
    6.1. Inspections must be conducted only at an RTA approved testing facility (i.e. Tasjeel). No unauthorised third party inspections shall be performed.
    6.2. The buyer has the right to request an NOC to verify any information needed from the main dealership and/or related parties.
    6.3. The buyer must request a time and location for the inspection within 24 hours through the specified contact information on this agreement. Failure to send such a request within this time frame will lose the buyer the right for a deposit refund regardless of the inspection findings.
    6.4. Any additional repairs, improvements or upgrades must be mentioned in writing on the contract.
    6.5. Inspections, service history verification and vehicle history checks must be performed within 24 hours from the payment of the deposit.
    6.6. The buyer confirms that within 24 hours of booking they have seen, inspected, verified history and accepted the vehicle in its current as is condition with all its flaws & defects if any.
  7. Refund & Return Policy:
    7.1. The deposit is refundable in the condition that the RTA inspection shows major mechanical defects, making the vehicle not roadworthy. However, the deposit shall not be refunded if Carrohub L.L.C-FZ agrees to repair the defects upon sale & final settlement. Wear & Tear, consumables as well as service-related items shall not be considered as major mechanical defects therefore shall not grant a deposit refund if requested.
    7.2. The deposits are refundable in case the RTA inspection finds that the vehicle was involved in a major accident affecting its structure and safety. However, the deposit shall not be refundable if the inspection finds visual defects (scratches & dents) and refurbishment repaint work.
    7.3. The deposits are strictly nonrefundable if the buyer cancels the deal or the bank application prior to a decision from ALL banks.
    7.4. Any request for change of vehicle at a subsequent date is strictly subject to Carrohub’s approval and discretion and may result in forfeiture of deposi..
    7.5. Carrohub L.L.C-FZ holds a strict no refund and no return policy for any vehicleor third party service sold.
    7.6. All payments made regardless of value are considered as deposits towards the purchase of the vehicle and can all be subject to forfeit subject to the conditions of this agreement.
    7.7. Failure to register the vehicle within 48 hours of bank approval will result in a deposit forfeit.
    7.8. The buyer agrees and accepts that any incorrect or incomplete information provided on the finance declaration form and if the buyer does not meet all the terms of this agreement, Carrohub L.L.C-FZ has the right to terminate the agreement and deem the deposit forfeit.
  8. Bank Finance:
    8.1. The deposit shall be refunded ONLY if ALL bank applications are rejected.
    8.2. Buyer must apply for all banks & financial institutions recommended by Carrohub L.L.C-FZ to ensure approval. If several banks are approved, the buyer may choose a preferred bank.
    8.3. Carrohub L.L.C-FZ are not responsible for the amount of interest the bank wishes to charge or amount of down payment requested by the bank. This is regardless of whether Carrohub L.L.C-FZ assisted in the bank application nor what was initially advertised or what was expected by the buyer.
    8.4. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that all RTA fines and/or system blocks are cleared from the system, to allow for the registration of this vehicle.
    8.5. Carrohub L.L.C-FZ are not responsible for the number of finance years (tenure) proposed by the bank.
  9. Handover:
    9.1. Vehicle sold will be handed over to the buyer upon completion of all payments, formalities and necessary checks. This process may take up to 7 working days.
  10. Governing Law & Disputes:
    Both parties (Buyer & Seller) agree that any dispute or claim relating in any way to this agreement with Carrohub L.L.C-FZ, or to any products or services sold by Carrohub L.L.C- FZ will be resolved by binding arbitration and within the laws of the UAE.

I agree that I have read and understood the conditions above