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Frequently asked questions

Buying a used car should be risk-free. We have experts that will give you peace of mind in buying your dream car, with 100% awareness of the car condition and everything you need to know. Guaranteed better trade-in value for your car than market price.
You can pay by cash, cheque or we can help you apply for bank loan.
Easy! We will let you choose your suited bank that will provide your payment terms of your choosing. Easy EMI with minimum rate of interest.
Yes, depending on your payment option.
Cash Buyer Documents :
Emirates ID, Driving License
Finance Buyer Documents :
  • EMPLOYED: Salary Certificate, 3 month bank statement (stamped), Passport & Visa copies, Emirates ID copy
  • SELF EMPLOYED: Trade License, MOA, Passport copies of all partners, Passport and visa copies of applicant, Emirates ID, 3 month personal bank statement, 3 month company bank statement
  • COMPANIES: Trade License, MOA, Passport copies of all partners, 3 month company statement
It’s a simple, hassle-free process. You book an inspection on the Carrohub website. Either you come to our office, or our inspector comes to you. Your car is inspected and a fair, realistic value for it, is arrived at. If you decide to go ahead, we process all the necessary paperwork and execute the transfer procedure. You decide how you would like to receive the payment – cash, cheque or transfer – and we ensure you receive it within days. If you have loan payments pending, we clear them on your behalf and deduct them from your payment.
The short answer is – because we have been in the automotive business for a combined experience of over 50 years. But also because we are a deliberately small team – the team that established one among the top 2 online auto businesses in the region. We are straight shooters and you will never experience the ‘shady’ vibe that comes with selling your car to a dealer. We are transparent, committed to excellent customer service and quite frankly we’re here to stay.
Absolutely, you can; provided you have legal authorization from the car’s owner, issued by the local authorities.
Yes, you can; provided you have an authorization letter from the respective owner with his or her valid Emirates ID copy.
Yes, we will. We also buy cars which have been damaged, have mechanical issues or are salvaged. We will also assist you in moving your car in the case that it’s not in running condition.
Yes we will, provided that the car is compliant with GCC road and transport parameters.
Yes you can. In this case you will need power-of-attorney documentation in your name, from the UAE court authorities.
Yes, you can. You will need the following documents to proceed with the transaction:
  • - Emirates ID of the assigned company representative
  • - Power of Attorney; Authorization to sell and receive the payment of the car.
  • - Trade License Copy
  • - Mulkiya or Registration Card Copy
  • - NOC printed on the company letter head with company stamp
Yes, we can settle outstanding payments to your bank on your car to clear your mortgage, with the following steps:
  • - A Possession Certificate will be provided, once the price is agreed, for the car to be in our possession until the mortgage is released by the bank.
  • - A Power of Attorney is required as a security that the ownership can be transferred even without the owner once the mortgage is released. (This is particularly helpful in case you want to sell your car at the earliest and need to exit the country.)
  • - Once the mortgage is released, the remaining amount, if any, can be transferred to the seller’s bank account or received in cash by a representative given that a legal authorization letter is provided.
We will still offer to buy the car provided that the difference in value is settled by you.
We buy all types of commercial vehicles including vans, pick-ups, buses, etc.
It’s very easy, just ‘Book an appointment’ through the form on our website and you can come to our office or our inspector can come to you, whichever is convenient.
Of course, you can; we will be more than happy to assist you and inspect your car for free. You will receive our offer once the inspection is done, with no obligation on your part, to sell.
We respect and understand the value of your time. All you need to do is ‘Book an appointment’ through our website or social channels, and we will come to your location, at your convenience.
Yes, you will need the following documents:
  • - Valid emirates id/ passport copy
  • - Mulkiya or car registration card
  • - Car key/s
  • - Service history and owner’s manual books (if available)
We are open from Saturday to Thursday: from 10am to 7pm.
Traffic fines can be settled by you, or we can settle them on your behalf. The total fines will be deducted from the agreed purchase price value of your car.
Once we agree on the price and all documents are processed, our payment options are:
  • - Bank transfer
  • - Cash cheque
  • - Cash
Absolutely not! Prices offered will be received completely. However, deregistration fee and title transfer fee charged by the government shall be paid by the seller.
We buy all kinds of cars and have decades of experience with purchasing and handling all kinds of exotic and one-of-a-kind cars. And we will offer a fair, realistic valuation for yours too.